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A few months on with the advent 4211

Well its been a few months with my advent 4211 and I am still liking the experience.

Its by no means perfect...

  • the mouse pad sometimes gets in the way during typing.
  • the onboard sound is dreadful, headphones are better but not by much.
  • watching certain podcasts is not great as with only a height of 600 pixesls the top and bottom of the screen are sacrificed.

However despite these niggles I am enjoying using this laptop and have been getting jealous when seeing the price come down slightly.

I have been able to run visual studio 2008 on it although I opted for the standard version as I need to do both console apps and web forms applications and I am running without productivity tools such as resharper for fear of loss of memory. I would not say is a hard core coding machine but its useful enough to run demos and view code on.

I brought a cover from wrappers but was disappointed with the quality so I do not recommend getting one.

I will be looking at getting mobile broadband in the new year and probably a new battery so far I have only seen one on the dixons support site.

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