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Dotnetnuke change in Search Skin Object Control

Updating a DNN site from 4.3.1 to Version 4.5.5 today. Came across a little stealth change that I had not known about.

The Search Skin Object has changed and now includes an option for the user to search a website (google) or the dnn site itself.

Well after searching through all of the Host and Admin Settings. I found that you need to declare the change in your skins.

You must add

showSite="False" showWeb="False"

to your defintion so it looks something like this.

<dnn:SEARCH runat="server" id="dnnSEARCH" CssClass="SearchText" showSite="False" showWeb="False" >

Not much fun if you have 200 + skin files and variations, but do-able with find and replace in your favourite text editor.

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