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Moving my Blog to Gridsome from Orchard CMS

For a long time, I have been wanting to move my blog to a Static Site Generator, but could not decide on the platform.

I had been running the blog on Orchard CMS. My reasoning at the time was mostly I wanted to use an Asp.Net Product, but being a fully blown CMS system, it was way more sophisticated for what I needed.

So a while ago, I began seeking out a replacement. I looked at Jekyll but found that I would really need to learn Ruby to get the best from it. I did not warm to Wordpress as I did not want to get stuck running PHP. I looked at Medium but again I was not really prepared to dig into Nodejs and the focus of the product, to me, was to try and get people not to self host.

Then about 18 Months ago, I heard the term JamStack. At first, I was a bit skeptical, another Buzzword Framework thing !! but I then did a Pluralsight Course on GatsbyJs and was really impressed with GatsbyJs's simplicity but also the control it gave. But Gatsby was using React ! I had tried learning React but just could not get on with it. Was there something similar using Vue ?

Eventually I discovered Gridsome and began figuring out how it all works. Around the same time I came across Bulma and found it a lighter css framework compared to Bootstrap.

So finally having the pieces I wanted, I began moving the data across and putting the site together. It has been fairly straightforward and now I am typing this inaugral post.

Hopefully my postings will be a bit more frequent.

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