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Redirection loop after upgrading to DotnetNuke 4.3.5 on 2.0

Finally managed to take the Company Server running DNN to version 4.3.5. We had been experiencing problems with the file manager and permissioning users in new role groups. I had run into trouble trying to upgrade to 4.3.4, so had left upgrading the server until this new version of Dotnetnuke had been out for a while.

Once the site had updated and you were prompted to click on the link to return from the install screen to the main portal,I encountered the default page going into a redirect loop.

Turns out I had to not include the default.aspx and default.asp.vb files. I also avoided updating the web.config. but I think the default.aspx files were the cause of the redirection loop.

My boss is happy so all is good.

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