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What I have been watching and listening to this month - August 2021

Photo by <a href="">Nubelson Fernandes</a>
Photo by Nubelson Fernandes

What is very apparent as a software developer or really anyone wanting a career in IT is that you are going to be lifelong learner and that skills and knowledge you acquired yesterday may not be relevant tomorrow. So, I like to try and learn as much as I can every month. Below are a number of links to Online Video and Podcasts of learning material I have found helpful and I hope you find it interesting and useful.

C# Highlights: Immutable Collections - I like these byte size videos produced by the Developer Advocates at Microsoft.

Bill Dinger - Unit Testing Strategies & Patterns in C# - Surprised there are not more like and hits on this video. Its a really informative talk and I agree with a lot of Bill's content.

Unit Testing Strategies and Patterns in C#: CodeMash - Repeat of Bill's Talk at Codemash 2020 ( there are no Visual Studio demos in this talk )

DotNet 2021 | Minimal APIs in .NET 6 - Presentation from Maria Naggaga Nakanwagi - Senior Program Manager .NET & VS at Microsoft, giving a potted history on FeatherHttp and the genesis of .Net6 Minimal Apis

Explore Minimal APIs with Maria Naggaga | Web Wednesday - Repeat presentation from Maria Naggaga in Conversation with Christopher Harrison (@GeekTrainer) on Minimal Apis

I built the same app 10 times // Which JS Framework is best? - Really good breakdown of differences between all the "well know" javascript frameworks and some you may not have heard of before.

Vue and Careers with Ari Clark - I do like to pick a random Podcast and was curious to learn more about Ari. After the listening to this conversation. I added the ( podcasts to my list.

A Little Vue with Shawn Wildermuth - Interesting talk from Shawn wildermuth switches from Vue and its new features to how Shawn looks at new tech and wether to adopt it

Hot Reload in Visual Studio 2022 with Dmitry Lyalin - Talk on Hot Reload in the Visual Studio ( not just in VS 2022). Dmitry Lyalin sounds a like a cool guy will be watching for more content from him.

Developer Advocacy from Nuxt to React with Debbie O’Brien - I have been a Fan of Debbie's Content on Nuxt, so was curious to hear about her journey to working with React and how to become a Developer Adovacate.

LEARN VUEX IN 15 MINUTES (VUE.JS STATE MANAGEMENT) FOR 2020 // DAD JOKE GENERATOR APP -VUEX TUTORIAL - have not checked out Erik's Content for a while. He focuses on Vuejs and related tech.

Why Go Fiber Is THE New Framework To Learn - interesting introduction to a new Framework for Go that looks very similar to NodeJS and Asp.Net Minimal Apis

Coding Shorts: Changes to Coming to Startup in .NET 6 - Nice discussion on the changes in Asp.Net 6 for Minimal Apis. I agree with Shawn that they are OK for small apps. But anything more substantial you are going to want to use controllers.