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What I have been watching and listening to this month - December 2021

Photo by <a href="">Debby Hudson</a>
Photo by Debby Hudson

What is very apparent as a software developer or really anyone wanting a career in IT is that you are going to be lifelong learner and that skills and knowledge you acquired yesterday may not be relevant tomorrow. So, I like to try and learn as much as I can every month. Below are a number of links to Online Video and Podcasts of learning material I have found helpful, and I hope you find it interesting and useful.

Merry Christmas and a Happy new year.

Visual Studio 2022 & .NET 6 Highlights | .NET Conf & VS2022 After Party Q&A - Various Program Managers from various departments in Microsoft, discuss their favourite features in Vs2022 and .NET 6 ... Coloured Tabs blow a few minds !! 🤣

End-to-End JavaScript Testing with - Nice introduction to using Cypress in Front end applications

5 Books Every Software Developer NEEDS - I own a few of these. :)

The Future of Blazor with Daniel Roth - Dan Roth talks about a bunch of the key features from .NET 6, including smaller runtime, Hot Reload, and rending components from JavaScript. The conversation also digs into the evolution of Blazor Fluent UI and MAUI

End To End Testing our VueJS application with Cypress - Video from 2 years ago but has a good set of step through examples. but is missing the usage of data attributes in the markup.

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