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What I have been watching and listening to this month - February 2022

Photo by <a href="">Ruijia Wang</a>
Photo by Ruijia Wang

What is very apparent as a software developer or really anyone wanting a career in IT is that you are going to be lifelong learner and that skills and knowledge you acquired yesterday may not be relevant tomorrow.

So, I like to try and learn as much as I can every month. Below are a number of links to Online Video and Podcasts of learning material I have found helpful, and I hope you find it interesting and useful.

Project Tye, Open Source .Net Project, New Videos from NDC 2021 and .Net turn 20 years old

Building Microservices in .NET with Project Tye

How Tye makes building microservices a joke

Another 5 .NET projects that deserve more attention - Nick Chapsas reviews some underrated .Net Projects The Standouts here were Cocona and dotnet-testcontainers

Vue.js Nation 2022 - Mighty Bites - Quasar icongenie

How to test your tests in .NET - Nick Chapsas is back again promoting Stryker.NET

NDC Oslo 2021 Talks

The latest videos from NDC Oslo have some serious click-baity titles

Stop Punching Yourself in the Face - Hannes Lowette - NDC Oslo 2021

Automate Yourself Out of a Job with Roslyn - Mark Rendle - NDC Oslo 2021

Microservices for building an IDE - Maarten Balliauw - NDC Oslo 2021

The Next Decade of Software Development - Richard Campbell - NDC Oslo 2021

And Finally

.NET 20th Anniversary - For a major keystone moment, a somewhat subdued celebration of 20 years of .Net. The Focus is on the future with Maui and .Net 7.

ASP.NET Community Standup - 20 Years of ASP.NET🎂 - 20 years of .Net from an Asp.Net perspective, a lot of discussion around the Das Blog open source project.

And Finally Finally

Interview with Senior JS Developer in 2022 - I do not really post too many of these but I found this parody video a little to close to reality.

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