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What I have been watching and listening to this month - May 2022

Photo by <a href="">Lorenzo Herrera</a>
Photo by Lorenzo Herrera

What is very apparent as a software developer or really anyone wanting a career in IT is that you are going to be lifelong learner and that skills and knowledge you acquired yesterday may not be relevant tomorrow.

So, I like to try and learn as much as I can every month. Below are a number of links to Online Video and Podcasts of learning material I have found helpful, and I hope you find it interesting and useful.

Tech Skills Day 2022 - Pluralsight Skills Track - Scott Hanselman: Mentorship, Sponsorship & Storytelling I am going to work on my nest.

Tech Skills Day 2022 - Pluralsight Skills Track - Forrest Brazeal: Beyond the Cert - How to Build Projects That Get You Hired in Cloud

NDC London 2022 Keynote - Richard Campbell - The Last Twenty Years of Software Development - Great opening talk from Richard Campbell on the Tech Landscape of the last 20 years. There is a slanted view on Microsoft Development

How to Mock Fetch in Jest Manually

Why You Don't Need The Vue.js 3 Composition API! Composition API vs Options API Vue.js 3 comparision

How Static Web Apps saved Scott Hanselman time and money! - Scott Hanselman discussing how he uses Static Web Apps

The end of May saw Microsoft Build 2022 with lots of new announcements.

Microsoft Build After Hours: Day 1 | KEY04 - Interesting talks with Key personnel from Microsoft covering developer tooling

Microsoft Build After Hours: Day 2 | KEY09 - More talks with Key people at Microsoft, the inclusive labs looks really cool.

Inside the Microsoft Archives - Scott Hanselman visits the Microsoft Archives for BUILD 2022. Major Nostalgia trip.