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What I have been watching and listening to this month - September 2021

What is very apparent as a software developer or really anyone wanting a career in IT is that you are going to be lifelong learner and that skills and knowledge you acquired yesterday may not be relevant tomorrow. So, I like to try and learn as much as I can every month. Below are a number of links to Online Video and Podcasts of learning material I have found helpful and I hope you find it interesting and useful.

Lots more interest in Minimal Apis as the release of .Net 6 gets closer.

ASP.NET Community Standup - A first look at Carter on .NET 6 Really good Discussion with Jonathan Channon (@jchannon) on his Carter Project and what it offers over Minimal Apis. I have followed Jonathan since the NancyFx Days and his stuff is always good.

The simplest way to create an API is with .NET | Minimal APIs Nick Chapsas with a really good demo of the current minimal Api support in .Net 6 Preview

Combining Git commits with squash Nice succinct video explaining Git squash

Getting started with Vuetify 2.0

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